Apartment Security

Apartment Security

Apartment Security


1 -) For example: the number of apartments, children’s playground, car parks, swimming pool, green area, tennis court, football and basketball fields should be determined within the social settlements.

2 -) Private security personnel who will work in order to provide services in the desired shape and level. Proportional search for arrest and arrest in accordance with Article 7 of Law No. 5188 and the Code of Criminal Procedure.

3 -) Providing the apartment and vehicle information of the floor owners to our private security personnel who will work in the Ordinance.

4 -) Keeping records of the reason of entry, registration of the license plate and the floor owner at the entrance of foreign vehicles and pedestrians. Identity check if necessary.

5 -) Detention of suspicious vehicles and pedestrians in the vicinity of the site by our private security personnel.

6 -) To neutralize the elements threatening or distorting security and peace by means of material and moral force (handcuffing, removal from the region, appeasement of the incident, handing over to law enforcement officers) within the framework of regulated laws.

7 -) The children of the families living in our site to have a pleasant time in the site in a peaceful way, help in boarding and landing on school days during school days and to ensure safe entry to the site.

8 -) In addition, we recommend that electronic and technical measures be taken against possible negative situations (fire tube, access systems, cctv camera systems, alarm systems etc.).
In addition to our private security, all personnel working on the website must be informed. With this information, a file will be created by the site staff.
Continuous coordination with the site administrators and our private security personnel to comply with the site managers’ instructions one by one.

9 -) Regularly performing on-site training exercises.

10 -) We use security software which can be seen by the floor owners in order to facilitate the work flow and provide more professional service in our private security service. The content of this software; It is planned to ensure the communication between the floor owners and our private security personnel, to determine the security calendar for the needs and to make the delivery by our personnel in case of notifications to the personnel such as post cargo etc. In addition, it is planned that the floor owners can easily access our security personnel through this software in all problems related to the site.