Electronic Security Systems

Electronic Security Systems

Electronic security systems is a general definition of electronic equipment that performs security operations such as surveillance, access control, alarm or intrusion control by using power from the mains or backing up from the battery. The type of security system to be established depends on the area to be protected and environmental threats.

What is an electronic security system?
The electronic security system generally includes innovations in defense technology against unauthorized access and includes alarm systems, access control systems and security camera systems. Especially thanks to advances in today’s technology, security camera CCTV systems include a combination of all these products.

Electronic security systems, corporate workplaces, businesses, shopping malls and so on. widely used in areas. These systems are also used in railway stations, airports and similar public places. The systems are very flexible as they can be operated from a remote control center.

What are electronic security systems?
he classification of the safety system can be done in different ways depending on the use and conditions of the technology. The electronic security system is commonly classified as follows.

  • Security camera and CCTV system
  • Fire alarm and detection system
  • Access control and automation systems

Security camera system and CCTV
During the monitoring of any area, the main part of the electronic security system is the security cameras that are the eye of the security system. The system consists of different equipment that helps to visualize and record recorded surveillance data. Some of the CCTV security systems are cameras, camcorders, IP cameras and monitors. In this system, crime elements can be detected directly from the camera. The CCTV system can be set to sound an alarm after it detects the signal from the connected cameras.

Fire Alarm and Detection System
Detection and alarm systems are used to detect interruptions in a protected area or facility or to detect a suspect. The system usually consists of a sensor, an alarm, or a sensor that uses a warning circuit. The main function of this system is to eliminate the threat in the event of a fire or similar danger and to make the area safe as soon as possible. Different types of sensors are available for the sensors, and the use of the sensor is for home automation, fire detection, intrusion alarm etc. such as application requirements.

Access Control and Automation Systems
In general, a system that provides secure access for access or control to a facility or other system may be referred to as an access control system. In addition to access control, the system can also act as a participation system that can play a dual role. The access control system is classified according to user credentials. A user may use a system of different types for access, such as pin credentials, biometrics, or smart cards.