Factory Safety

Factory Safety

Factory Safety

Our company makes security network in buildings and facilities that are strategically important, equipped with computer, hand detectors, door detectors, explosive material sniffing detectors, X-Ray security devices, and in short, factory security systems are used. Turkey across the large companies, factories and companies we provide the security of the headquarters 7/24. Factory security services; We are trying to present the best way as a result of joint exploration by means of expert security officers within the framework of entrance-exits, control of working personnel, environmental security against malicious persons, precautions to be taken in fire and special requests from companies. Because factory security work is a serious and important job that protects both the person’s life and the capital which is the accumulation of intensive labor and years.

Nas Security takes necessary security measures against all kinds of threats from inside and outside in line with the demands of the enterprise and without interrupting its operation in the factory, warehouse and industrial facilities, and by providing in-house training (orientation training) about the factory security services to the security personnel assigned in this matter, assertive.


Industrial Security Areas
Manufacturing plants and factories
Plaza and retail outlets
Sectoral safety (automotive, food, chemical, etc.)

Internal Threats
Technical failures (fire, electricity, waterlogging, etc.)
Collective rebellion

External Threats
Theft (armed unarmed) (organised- individual)
Tamper, arson

Personnel Relations
Panic in case of danger