Hospital Safety

Hospital Safety

Hospital Safety

The hospital is one of the most difficult areas to implement private security services and is a very sensitive issue. Persons served for security purposes;
a) Sick person
b) Patient relative who brought the patient to the hospital
c) Visitor visiting the inpatient patient
d) Doctors and all hospital staff. Psychological characteristics of all these people, full-time health care services for 24 hours, health institutions and organizations to be open to public places, forensic incidents are common, especially increases the importance of hospital security services.

Nas Security; We provide services by taking into account the needs and expectations of the health sector employees and the psychology of the patients’ relatives and taking the necessary precautions.

Effective Hospital safety and patient safety;

1- To control the entrance and exit points, to protect the peace of the employees, patients and their relatives Intervene the patients and their relatives that will disrupt the order in the hospital, filter the suspicious people, measures to be taken against sabotage, measures to be taken against bombs and other threats, and actions to be taken against collective actions To train the experienced security personnel by giving the hospital security orientation to the personnel.

2- In addition to private security team, it is easier to monitor and record hospital entrances and exits, emergency services, polyclinics administrative floors and corridors with 24-hour cameras, and to prevent crimes such as theft and fraud that may occur in various parts of hospitals thanks to these technological security systems, and to catch perpetrators easier. provided.

3- The private security officer assigned by our company in the health institution starts the necessary psychological evaluation, vocational training and a series of tests. In this way, private security guards are trained in the face of risk and danger by means of special hospital security orientation applications.

In order to implement the decisions and rules taken by the hospital management within the scope of all these principles, the supervision, inspection and control duties are performed with great precision by the company between the prescribed region and the designated hours.