Municipal Security


Municipal Security

Our security company is one of the leading companies in the private security sector and provides services for the security of municipalities and security of all public buildings. Taking all the measures that provide security such as environmental security of municipal buildings, control and security of entrances and exits, personnel security, municipalities with the help of all security measures such as hand detector, X-Ray device, security strips, gun, CCTV camera control systems, metal detector. security service.

Nas security, municipality security and security services of all public institutions in accordance with the law number 5188 with a security identity card, professional and experienced security staff and our state-of-the-art security equipment serves.

Municipal security services, like all public areas, are critical services for municipalities receiving heavy traffic. Providing private security services to municipalities, Nas Security is one of the companies specialized in municipal security and is a professional company in providing security services to municipalities. Nas Security; Hand detectors, X-Ray Devices, Metal Door Detectors, turnstiles, security systems, which provide general security such as internal and external environmental security of municipal buildings, controlling of parking and pedestrian entrances and exits, security of municipal personnel working, and taking all precautions related to defense and protection. lanes, barriers, automation systems and CCTV camera control systems.

Nas Security, Providing professional and experienced security officials who are qualified in the field of municipal security services in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 5188, possessing the required features in the recruitment of municipal security officers, having armed or unarmed security identification cards, providing their in-house orientation and providing modern technology security. devices.